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It has been said : "Multiply and resplenish the earth." Little did Joseph and Katherine Jackson know when they started their family that they would give birth to the world's most esteemed dynasty, producing descendants so synonymous with pop primacy that the names of Michael, Tito, Marlon, Jermaine, Jackie, Randy and Janet are unmistakable as icons individually as well as part of the hallowed Jackson musical heritage.
3T are part of that celebrated family tree. As nephews of King of Pop Michael Jackson, arguably the world's greatest living entertainer, and sons of Tito, the second oldest Jackson brother, and the late Delores Jackson, they have inherited the ultimate pop music pedigree. What's more, the trio - Tariano (Taj), Taryll, and Tito Joe (TJ), have managed to deliver on their innate musical promise, with their debut effort, "Brotherhood" having sold over 1 million copies worldwide.
Released in October 1995, the album with contributions from Corey Rooney and Mark Morales (Mary J.Blidge), Gardner Coole (Madonna), Denniz Pop (Ace of Base), Babyface (Whitney Houston) and Michael Jackson, has garnered the group a huge fan base, particulary in Europe. Significantly for non-native, 3T have graced over 100 magazine covers and draw smitten mobs to meet them at venues and airports, surpassing even Boyz II Men and Babyface in overseas record sales.

"Brotherhood" first single, "Anything" which was composed, performed, and produced by 3T, has gone gold in the U.S., Denmark, Belgium, Norway and the U.K., selling over two million copies worldwide. "Anything" combined with the singles "Why", "I Need You", and "24/7" gives 3T an impressive four Top Ten hits in the U.K. alone.
The album has gone gold in U.K., Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Thailand and the Philippines, exceeding gold to achieve platinum in France. With more than ten worldwide promotional tours under their belts in the past two years, 3T are about to embark on their first foray as headliners, with tickets already sold out.
Living up to their musical legacy is second nature to "The Three T's" as their mother Dee Dee affectionately referred to her sons. The brothers witnessed first-hand the frenzy of the elder Jacksons' success, and the mega success of Michael and Janet. Yet they kept their show business aspirations to themselves during their formative years, absorbing a myriad of musical influences including the Jacksons, The Beatles, and Bread, focusing on sharpening their skills on piano, guitar, drums, bass and later computer equipement.

After stockpilling an impressive collection of material, their uncle Michael was thrilled to take them under his wing, allowing them access to his entertainment ressources and signing 3T to his fledling record label, MJJ Music. Michael not only gave his blessing but also the creative freedom his nephews needed which results in them writing more than a dozen songs of release. The best of thes comprise the 12 tunes on "Brotherhood".

Proud father Tito looks back fondly on the years his sons spent perfecting their craft before entering what can only be called the family business. He saw signs of their talents "even when they were todlers", he says. "They used to hold brooms and mops and imitate the Jackson brothers. But they've been working especially hard for the last ten years, becoming good writers and singers in their own right. Coming from an entertainment family, they know they can't half step". Still, Tito remains determinated to instil his sons a sence of perspective. "We tell them : "You guys are great, but don't get the big head. In the business, you're only as good as your last gig".
Besides their mastery of music, 3T have proven themselves superb athlets and exceptional scholars, with Taj and Taryll attending Loyola Marymount University and TJ having been accepted at the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania.
Taj, the eldest and perhaps the shyest of the group, fills the typical big brother role, keeping a protective eye on his siblings. Taryll, the middle one, is the glue that keeps everyone together. Even though he's the youngest, TJ holds his own as well, keeping his older brothers on his toes and even teaching them a thing or two.
"They're talented, always ready to work, and really make a good trio", dad Tito sums up. Naturally, with Jackson blood in their vein, 3T can't help but live up to their lofty legacy.

*Tracks taken from 3T's Brotherhood World Tour Program*

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