3T's Brotherhood World Tour

Brotherhood World Tour 97

On February 26th 1997, 3T officially kicked off their Brotherhood World Tour in France...
Touring all over Europe for more than a month with their band, friends, pops backing them, they wowed the crowds wherever they would stop !

Amazing mise-en-scenes, funny moments, and emotional parts...3T's first tour was all that ! Get in the incredible atmosphere of the Lyon concert...

It was burning inside the Halle Tony Garnier... From 6 O' clock, the hall was full of fans having "Taj", "Taryll", "TJ" written on their forehead and cheeks, or wearing nicklaces with their favorite T picture. Many would buy straight 3T T-shirts, or the Brotherhood World Tour Program with cute 3T baby pictures inside !
The big 3T logo on stage was getting surrounded by loads of teddies ! It was getting hot !!!

When all the lights switched off at 8 o'clock, it got to hysteria and euphoria ! In the first rows eveybody jostled and shouted ! Then Puff Johnson appeared on stage and started singing about ten great songs from slows to moving tips ! After a full hour-show, the group shouted : "I say "Three" you say "T" !" and made the audience repeat after them. Then they left the stage, leaving behind more and more teddies thrown on the floor.

After a half-and-hour-break the lights switched off once again and a voice launched "3T !". And as soon a radio medley started with bits of Janet's, Michael's, Jackson Five's and 3T's songs, reminding all of us that 3T just come from the greatest legacy of music ! Suddenly T.J., Taryll and Taj appeared in the smoke and started singing on "Brotherhood"...

~Highlights of the show~

During 1H30, 3T stired and surprised all their fans by showing their talents of musicians, dancers, but above all showmen !
For those who had the chance to attend 3T's first tour, this will be definitely remembered as a touching and amazing show. TTThank you guys !!!

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