The new album

1995: Brotherhood.......................2002: Déjà Vu... 3T?

The wait for 3T's second album makes fans CRAZY !
We've been waiting for 5 yeas now. Please Sony, stop stucking the release of this album!

"Déjà Vu" has been talked about by every 3T fan for a while now,
but with such a title it's clear that 3T will be faithful to
the Jackson Family's legendary perfectionism...
And we can also expect to find some "Jacksonnesque" style
on this new album that will have 10 or 11 tunes
(probable tracks : "Hey Luv", "You Turned Your Back On Me",
"I'm So Alone", "Startin' Tomorrow", "Come Along And Sing My Song",
"Wear That Dress", "Fool Of Your Love", "I Love You", and "Alright") including as well
at least one duet with Uncle Michael and collaborations with several other artists.

3T have really been investing their time and hardwork into
this new album, to give the best, and seem definitely
determinated to get ready for a resounding come back !

Message from 3T (written by Taj)

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