MTF - Frequently Asked Questions
MTF - Frequently Asked Questions

Compiled by Anat exclusively for MTFFC

1. Is the family going to put a concert together in the future ?

2. Do the members of the Jackson family respond to their fans ?

3. What has each of the members been doing during the past ten years ?

4. Do the members of the family speak any other language(s) ?

5. Is Michael's hair really permanently weaved into his scalp?

6. Who are the members of the second generation of Jacksons ?

7. Are there any other children singing in the family ?

8. Why did the song Heartbreak Hotel of the Jacksons' Triumph album become on later editions This Place Hotel ?

9. Will 3T ever tour the U.S. again ?

10. Which members of the family are mad at LaToya and which have made up ?

11. What kind of studies have the members of the family made ?

12. Is the Randy Jackson of American Idol season I & II, the one of The Jacksons ?