The Jacksons Audio Center

The Jacksons Audio Center

The Jacksons in recording studio

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""We Thank You" Acapella" - 26 seconds
Motown 25th anniversary's closure. The Jacksons thank the audience & their fans.

"I Want You Back (Live version)" - 18 seconds

"ABC (Live version)" - 18 seconds
Both tracks are taken from The Jacksons' Victory Tour

"J5: From the rehearsals - The introduction" - 13 seconds
This is Tito talking and Michael & Marlon in the background

"The Biggest Fanclub Of All Time" - 10 seconds
Speaking about "Meet The Family" ?!
This is Jackie talking in an EXCLUSIVE radio interview
in Encino's recording studio in the 80's with Marlon, Michael, Randy and Tito.

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