The J5 Era

The J5 Era

We all know the Jackson Five as five brothers with afro hair cuts dressed up in amazing color and flowered costumes. Marlon, Jackie and Michael in the middle making those great dance routines that inspired other artists, Tito and Jermaine playing guitar and bass from side to side, and then Randy came along playing bongo behind.

Even though some of us were still toddlers or even unborn at this time, everyone knows the songs of the Jackson Five. For "their music still sounds fresh and new. The grooves make you move, the songs burst with optimism and hope. The spirit is still strong. The energy is still young and carefree" as sister Janet would say.
Wherever they would go, the Jackson brothers would meet the frenzy reaction of their fans. They were idols of a whole teen generation, being the models of good behavior, and having even their own cartoon serials and TV show (where little Taj appeared once !)
Living an adult life, performing almost every night in front of thousand of people and facing such a success was certainly really tough for their young age but the boys would compensate by enjoying being on stage, travelling and discovering the world and playing tricks together in their hotels (like throwing water balloons from their balcony on the passer-bys !)

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome...The Jackson Five !

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The Jackson 6 (!) in Paris

Before going on stage...

The J5 at Sonny & Cher show

Brothers near a tree

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