MJ videography
MJ videography

A film from Jerry Kramer and Colin Chilvers, with Michael Jackson, Sean Lennon, Kellie Parker, Brandon Adams & Joe Pesci. Executive producers: Michael Jackson & Frank Dileo. Approx. time: 1H30. 1988.

When legend Michael Jackson meets awful Mr. Big, there's no limits for action, music and special effects.
(includes the video of "Leave Me Alone" and the songs "Speed Demon", "Come Together").

Making Of Thriller
Includes the ultimate video (14 minute film) directed by John Landis, Michael Jackson's Emmy Awards, "Can You Feel It", and behind-the-scenes of "Thriller" and much more...Approx. running: 60 min. 1992

Dangerous, The Short Films
1993, MJJ Productions. Approx. running time: 112 minutes.


HIStory, Video Greatest Hits
1995, MJJ Ventures. Running time: 75 minutes.


HIStory On Film, volume II
Executive producer Michael Jackson. 1997 MJJ Ventures. Approx. running time:2 H

Directed by Stan Winston, 1996.
5 roles acted by Michael, amazing dances and special effects, scary moments...all the genius of Michael Jackson!
running time: 35 minutes.

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