Money Attractor is a software that makes safe a principle making possible to make money with Internet. Before the creation of Money Attractor, this principle was suffering from a bad reputation because it was impossible to prevent people from cheating. Money Attractor prevents any kind of cheats by using numerical keys. With Money Attractor, you invest only $5 (no more) in order to receive a key which allows you to enter in a sponsorship chain. You just need to distribute Money Attractor to your friends (only your friends, do not spam people), who will distribute it to their friends, etc… After 4 generations of godfather/godson, you become the recipient of new godsons who pay their $5 contribution. All money transferts are done via a PayPal account that you can create (it is free) on the web site The more you propagate the software, the more money you make!

WARNING: Money Attractor is intended to allow everybody to make money. However, be aware that you might lose your $5 investment if you don't have at least 5 contacts to whom you can distribute Money Attractor. The more contacts you have, the more Money you make.

BE NICE: Don't spam people in order to make more money. You don't need that to make a lot of money.

IMPORTANT: The way Money Attractor works is PERFECTLY LEGAL. It is not a pyramid. Indeed, there are two main differences between a pyramid and Money Attractor:
· In a pyramid, the pharaon (the boss at the top of the pyramid) keeps his position until the death of the pyramid. He always makes benefits from his godsons, and those ones receive only few money. However with Money Attractor, each godson will access to the top (he will receive Money at this time).
· In a pyramid, the godson must accept a contract with his godfather, which forces him to get a certain amount of new godsons. If he fails he loses all his benefits, that go back to the pharaon. However with Money Attractor, there is no contract. Each godson is free to do what he wants.