They're Here To Entertain You !

Let's Have A Party With The Jackson Brothers !

The Jacksons have been famous for their funky Disco hits and this incredible energy they used to gender on stage. If you ever feel moody, just put on some Jackson sound and you'll get in the party !

Stand ! The Boogie Man is gonna get you, Mike and his brothers are gonna show you the Dancing Machine and play for you some Joyful Jukebox Music. They'll teach you the Body Language and how to Shake Your Body Down To The Ground !
It's The Life Of The Party so why don't you just Jump For Joy and Think Happy !
All you gotta do now is Enjoy Yourself and Keep on Dancing, 'cause Music's Takin' Over.
That way we'll be All Night Dancin' and spend Good Times with the groovy Jacksons !!!

The brothers are gonna put the fire on stage...


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