Real Craze Guys !

Real Craze Guys !

Funny Guys

3T, like everyone in the family, is the perfect example of "Working hard and having fun in the meantime".
Take for example the "Gotta Be You" video, where the guys (making us "Laugh Out Loud") didn't hesitate to act The Beatles, serials cops, rappers, news presenter or whatever, or then this French show, where they came on stage dressed up as cutie girls to sing the choirs on the song "Respect". Isn't that amazing ?
Well, Taryll, Taj & T.J. are just practical jokers, and even though they are perfectionists as far as music is concerned, they're definitely in the first rows when it comes to having fun !
Among their favorite hobbies : playing videogames, going to amusements parks , making jokes and playing silly pranks (that Uncle Doo Doo taught them !)...That's all fun for da bros ! You still don't believe me ? Check out these poses...

Click on the link to have a close up...

ScReaM LOuD!

Hang on Taj T.J. !

Let it snow, let it snow...popcorns !

Bros torturing each other

Leave my braids alone man !

Super T Power

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