Heal the World in Songs...
The World Songs

Through the ages, the peacock has been honored and praised for its attractive, illustrious beauty.
Of all the bird family, the peacock is the only bird that integrates all colors into one, and displays this radiance of fire only when in love
We, like the peacock, try to integrate all races into one through the love of music.

~Michael and Jackie Jackson~

Messages of Peace & Harmony. Words of Love, Hope & Faith.
Let's sing along and make that change...

In Our Small Way - Be Not Always - We Can Change The World - We Are The World - New Agenda - Man Of War - Can You Feel It - Man In The Mirror - We Are Here To Change The World - State Of The World - Black Or White - Livin' In A World... - Earth Song - HIStory - What Will It Take - Heal The World - The Lost Children - Cry

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