MTF - Meet The Founders !

About Us

The history of MTF dates back 20 years...
When three sisters realised that there was down this planet an incredible singer called Michael Jackson !
But this artist didn't come from anywhere...
He was born of a musical family with other very talented members.

That's how we grew up in the Jackson family music and spirit.
The creation of Meet The Family was a logical following.

We are Na-Gui-Sha sisters...

    Name: Natou

    Age: 31

    Astrological Sign: Gemini

    Favorite Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy, Harrisson Ford, Doug Savant, Will Smith, Eriq La Salle, Tom Hanks

    Favorite musical artists: the whole Jackson family "Past, Present & Future" :), Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, The Supremes, Elvis Prestley, Babyface, Will Smith

    Favorite music: soul, R&B, funk, pop

    Favorite songs: "Wings Of My Love","If I Have To Move A Mountain", "Didn't Mean To Hurt You", "One Day In Your Life", "Push Me Away", "Shake Your Body", etc, etc...

    Favorite movies: "Titanic", "The Man In The Iron Mask", "The Nutty Professor", "Awakening"

    Favorite cartoons: "Beauty & The Beast", "Snow White", The J5 cartoon serials

    Favorite quote: "Keep on believing in your dreams..."

    Hobbies: I love going to the cinema, listening to Jackson Music when I do my housework or ballads to help me falling asleep ! That music really has the gift to enjoy me ! I love drawing, especially Jackson members portraits and landscapes, since I was a child. I spend my time making big cakes and pastries 100 % fattening ! :) I'm kidding !

    Which T can you be best compared to ? T.J. - I'm always smiling and silly at times !

    Childhood memory: As children, my two sisters and I used to play at what we called "The Game" : we enjoyed telling stories about the Jackson family living at home and acting them. Also, I remember we played the ladies from the serial "Charlie's Angels" among others. It was a lot of fun ! I keep in mind very good memories of our childhood.

    Favorite memory: When I saw Michael Jackson in real life for the first time... I cried.

    I'm very grateful to all of those who support MTF fanclub. Thanx again !

    Name: Anna Nana Aguida a.k.a. ANAT

    Age: 26

    Astrological Sign: Libra

    Favorite cartoon character: Winnie The Pooh

    Favorite Actors: Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, John Malkovich, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, Tom Hanks...

    Favorite musical artists: hum...the whole Jackson Clan...I guess *LOL* ! Stevie Wonder, Will Smith, Saïan Supa Crew, and many, many more

    Favorite songs: "Endless Christmas" (and on and on and on...), "With You", "Again", "Morning Glow", "Music & Me", "Man In The Mirror", "Childhood", "Little Susie", "Someone In The Dark", "One More Chance"

    Best advise: "Determination can drives you wherever you want"

    Hobbies: music, tennis, softball, dancing, piano, making footages, travelling, going to Disneyland (well I used to... until they removed "Captain Eo" ! j/k)
    Computer & Internet - I wasn't meant to be a computer nerd, but since I had to learn HTML and all the stuff to make this site, I guess I've become computer addicted. ("Hey sis, I'm the only Webmaster, so save it !!!" :o)

    Favorite memory: seeing 7 shooting stars, one sweet night in a magical place called Timbuktu (in the African desert) while I was sleeping outside and listening in my walkman to..."Someone In The Dark" ! That was incredible and believe me, I "wished upon the Stars" !

    Favorite TV-Ad: Lancia car with Harrison Ford and a great song from Queen. I like the song and the man.

    Which T can you be best compared to ? T.J. - I'm the tallest and Ms Business Mind

    Special Shout Outs to my Buddies. (((Hugs))) with Love & Peace.
    A very special shout out, to my Libra Sis, Theresa, for her kindness and contribution. Libras Rock, boo!!!
    And to everybody keep on "Jacksonning" and thanks for enjoying visiting the site... I truly appreciate your support :-)