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I'm looking for films: "The Jacksons: An American Dream", Jermaine Jackson's "Dynamite Videos", "Jackson Family Honors" "Captain EO" and "Voyage of The Rock Aliens". I'm also looking for these CD's: solo albums of Jermaine, Jackie, Marlon and Randy, and the Jackson 5 albums: "Get It Together", "Dancing Machine", "Going Back to Indiana", "Mooving Voilation", "Lookin' Through The Windows" and "Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5"

Hello my fellow Micheal Jackson fans, I am desperately looking for a copy of the Jackson 5's "An American Dream." If anyone happens to come across one please contact me at Thank you.

hi!! i met 3T after mymate was hit by tajs mic at a concert - long story!! and am missin the guys and wanna get in touch with as many fans as possible. email me: reply gaurenteed

Hi I was wondering if anyone has any Bad concerts on video besides Yokohama and Tokyo and any Dangerous concerts besides Bucharest (not private recordings though please) in VHS pal system...I have lots of videos to swap or I will buy off you. Thank you, Sarah, Australia

Hi I'm looking for any concert video of the Jacksons in the 70's and later. My e-mail is thanx bye!
DESPERATELY SEARCHING: Wembeley stadium History concert 15th July 1997 on video. Must include the song "you are not alone" mail me please!
Hi. Does anyone know of a website that in your opinion has the biggest collection of Michael Jackson, The Jackson Five, and The Jacksons things? I'm trying to make my Michael Jackson collection the biggest it can be! Please, please, PLEASE help! Please e-mail back. I hope someone kind enough can give a response on my search. Thanks.
Hello everyone i'm looking for those video stuff, in real good quality, ntsc or pal: 1. j5 tv specials/concerts (like going back to indiana, diana!, performances...); 2. jacksons victory tv concert: dallas (in full); 3. jacksons triumph tv concert (in full); 4. MJ captain eo: mtv broadcast; trade or buy. only real quality stuff. only real serious people.
hey i wuz wondering if any of you got a video of the michael jackson 30th annaversery special? (sorry if i didn't spell that right) e- mail at thanks Hi, I'm a HUGE MJ fan!! I was wondering if anyone out there has the film: The Jacksons:An American Dream.If anyone one does please contact me!!

I'm looking for La Toya cds/lps. Check out my Jackson collection at Samle , if you have anything that's not there, please mail me.


I am looking for a video of Michael Jackson's Heal The Kids Speech that he delivered at Oxford Union in March of 2001...I am very very interested in this particular vhs! So please email me with information at or

Hello. I am looking for any Michael Jackson merchandise anyone has for sale, but specifically, the origional Thriller album. Please e-mail me at name is Darnell and i have loved janet always she is the best i have just about everthing she has put out but i am looking for a few (promo) posters they are dream street-1984 poster 1 are 2 and twenty foreplay-1996 photo of janet that is in back of design of a decade cd janet in dress...i will pay good price for posters....thanks

looking for janet jackson poster from 1984....will pay good price for it...can someone help me...david.



For Sale (Prices are in U.S. dollars) 3T: 45 Articles (various countries) $50 90 Posters (various sizes; USA, Europe.) $95 Brotherhood World Tourbook $40 Miscellaneous Pictures & Articles $30 7 Postcards $10 Photos: Packages of 5 $9 Per Pack Brotherhood CD $9 Anything 2 trk CD (Rare) $9 Anything 4 trk CD (Rare) $9 Anything 6 trk CD (Rare) $9 24/7 Limited Postcard Edition CD (Rare) $9 GBU Limited Edition 2 trk CD (Rare) $9 GBU 4 trk CD $7 GBU Limited Tour Edition CD w/ Tour Poster (Rare) $9 Why 2 trk CD (Rare) $9 Why/Tease Me CD (Rare) $9 Tease Me Promo $12 (Rare) I Need You (Christmas Version) $9 (Rare) I Need You $7 JJ: Janet. CD $5 DOAD CD $9 MJ: Holland/UK PYT 7" Promo (Rare) $10 Moonwalk Book (Rare) $10 HIStory: Video Greatest Hits 1 $15 The Jacksons: An American Dream $10 King of Videos: Michael Jackson $10 Off The Wall CD $8 Thriller CD $8 Bad CD $8 Dangerous CD $8 Blood On The Dancefloor CD $5 HIStory CD $10 Destiny CD $8

many jacksons/jackson 5/ and Michael Jackson items for sale. Email me for a complete list

Selling memorabilia which I have collected over the years of the Jackson 5. I didn't really collect the Jacksons stuff so it's more the Motown era only. E-mail for details on what I have to offer.

Hello Jacksonfans. I've had the chance to make a lot of wonderful close ups (on stage and off stage) of Michael, Janet and 3T. My 3T collection is the biggest out of those three. Some pics were wanted by the guys themselves, so I've had new ones (duplicates) made. Tell me who you like most...... I'm sure I have something for you.

J5/Jacksons/MJ Collectibles for Sale.

I have a number of rare and valuable items for sale including an Official History World Tour Leather Jacket in MINT condition, a Dangerous Picture Disc LP in perfect condition, a sealed Official Victory Tour Watch in great condition and a number of rare CD and 7" promo singles. Email me for a complete list.

3T: Tourbook Anything CD (all editions) 24/7 CD (Postcard edition) Why (All Editions) GBU (All Editions) Tease Me Promo I Need You (All Editions) 25 Photos name a price in US dollars.

3T: 24/7 CD1 24/7 CD2 Interview Audio tape pull out poster Jermaine Jackson records: "Jermaine Jackson" (1984) "Jermaine" (1980) "Let Me Tickle Your Fancy" (1982) The Jacksons records: "The Jacksons" (1976) MJ videos: Ghosts $25 HIStory vol.1 $15

hello iam selling a lot of jackson pictures real pics : mj;3T;janet real close up from metting email me

I've many postcards photos, posters and some articles, books,mags and records for sale (JJ/MJ/3T)and you can buy (or maybe trade) copies of all of my records (about 300 of the wohle Jackson Clan).If you're interested, please contact me (

Hello! I have a Jackson Family Collection for sale! To view the complete list, please follow the link shown, then, choose "Jackson Family" ...thank you!

MJ: Load of about 70 articles $45 Miscellaneous articles, photo cards and posters $25 Vibe magazine March 2002 $10 HIStory CD $13 Man In The Mirror 7" $15 The Girl Is Mine 7" $15 Janet: All For You CD $9 Illustrated Biography (Very nice! Very informative) 48 pages, 2001 $12 Lets Wait A While 7" $10 Jacksons: Enjoy Yourself 12" $20 Jermaine: Let Me Tickle Your Fancy 12" $12 Jermaine 12" $15 Dynamite 12" $15

Hi there!I have lots of stuff of the whole jackson family to trade/sell (photos,articles,videos,cds,cassettes,magazines,...).If you`re interested in anything,feel free to write me!
Hi..This ones for all the lost children..I have a huge collection of Michael's & The Jacksons records and CD's...and guess what! I'm keeping children (Michael & Robyn) are lovers of the Jacksons music and my collection will be passed over to them....not just yet though! P.S. I'm looking for any Jacksons concerts on video?

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