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The Jacksons - A family of entertainers

The Jackson legacy started 30 years ago...
Since then, brothers and sisters, and then children have been proving, each in their own right, their musical primacy by their multi talents in music, singing, performing, songwriting, dancing and producing. They had and still have a really big impact on the music industry and have changed the history of Entertainement in some way.

The Jacksons are a showbusiness family, the First family of Music. But above all a close and united family who manage to be the best possible thanks to their Talent, Hardwork and Determination. For years, they've been gathering people of all races and from all countries in joy just by doing what they know the best : music.
They were born to achieve the American Dream. They are destined to carry it to many more generations to come...

Meet The Family Fanclub was founded in the late year 1997 by very big admirers of the entire Jackson family, with this same "family" spirit of Unity & Strength.
The idea was to create a place to bring all Jacksons fans closer to share those Love & Harmony that are gendered by the Jackson family's beautiful and powerful music.
A place where everyone recognises that the Jacksons despite of being from the same world famous family, are just all amazing individual artists.
But also a place where we would carry on and spread the message of the Jacksons : help the children, respect the planet, fight racism and injustice each and everyday... Because we all have to heal the world in our small way.

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ONE fanclub for all of those who love the music of the ENTIRE Jackson family !!!
Be a member and join that "family" spirit !

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